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6 Ways To Spark Your Metabolism This Festive Season

  The Festive season is upon us. Just like that the end on year functions and school merit evenings have come and gone. Your local supermarket has been adorned in yule decorations while carols play merrily over the radio, a few brave souls are taking on the South African heat to walk around in Father Christmas outfits. Summer holidays are here, and you are probably looking forward to a much-needed break, with family and friends. This also means that we will soon be waving good bye to 2017 and greeting 2018 with hopes of a “new year, new me”. Many of us struggle with the overabundance of food over this season and as a result we all tend to pick up a few extra kilograms due to...


How accurate are activity trackers, really?

According to researchers at Stanford University, most fitness trackers can’t be relied on to accurately track number of calories burned. Here’s what happened: Apple Watch, Basis Peak, Fitbit Surge, Microsoft Band, Mio Alpha 2, PulseOn and Samsung Gear S2 were tested in a group of 60 people. The results showed that measuring heart rate had an error rate of less than 5% on 6 of the devices, while none of the devices were accurate when measuring energy expenditure. The most accurate device was incorrect by 27% on average while the least accurate was off by 93%. Thirty-one women and 29 men volunteered to help test the accuracy of the devices. Each volunteer wore the 7 devices while walking or running on treadmills or while using stationary bikes....